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  • Where is Blooming Arts House?
    We are located in NW Bakersfield (Rosedale) on Childress St. Because this is a private studio, exact address is given after registration or event booking. If you need more information, please call us at 661-599-2336. We are less than a mile from Veterans Elementary, Norris Elementary, and Patriot Elementary. We are 1 mile from Frontier High School and 2 miles from American Kids Sports.
  • Class size
    Our usual class size is no more than 12 students. Small classes of 6 or less are considered semi-private and will be available on a limited basis at a higher monthly cost with one instructor. Please contact to arrange a semi-private group class. Camps and Art Night Out class size may be up to 16 with 2 instructors.
  • Age Requirements
    Art Explorers: Age 8 -12 (Must have completed second grade) All of our students in this age group have found the projects challenging and fun. Art Club: Pre-teen and teens 11-14 We have discovered that pre-teens and teens want a class among their peers with similar interests. They also desire to dive into more complex concepts. It's hard to be in-between. Parents, it is up to you what class you wish to try for 11 and 12 year old's Art Camp: 8-13 Kids Art Night Out: 8-13
  • Drop-Off and Pick up
    Drop-off Please have children enter the studio no more than 5 minutes prior to class. Doors open at 4:25pm. Pick-up Thank you in advance! Most of our parents (98%) meet the 5 to 10 minute window with no problem. We appreciate that! Please always call, text or make arrangements prior to class if you will be more than 10 min late for pick-up. Save our number in your phone just in case. 661-599-2336. Pick-up Late Charge: A fee of $50 charge for pick-ups more than 15 minutes late unless prior arrangements are made with the studio.
  • Withdrawal and Refund Policy
    2023 Fall Program (11 Classes): We are confident your children will love our program. If there are any issues or feedback, please share with us. We understand that things do not always work out! If you simply need to switch days or times, we will do our best to make it work. If you need make a change, notify the studio at 661-599-2336. Initial payment is non-refundable. Parents have 3 classes to withdraw children and cancel all future payments. Please notify me before before January 26th or after the 3rd class. Withdraw after the 5th class February 15, No refunds. March payment will be charged immediately unless other arrangements are made. Cancellations accepted in writing: Text, in-person or email: Non-refundable: Drop-In Classes: Non-refundable. Text the studio to request a date change 2 days prior to class. Supply Fees: Non-refundable Kids Art Night Out: Non-refundable Camps: Non-refundable Blooming Arts House Class Cancellation: Enroll early and tell your friends about our program! Classes not meeting minimum enrollment are cancelled If we cancel, any unused portion you have paid will be fully refunded.
  • Class Make-up Policy
    Students typically work on the same or similar projects in both Art Explorers Classes (Tuesday and Thursday) Make arrangements to attend the alternate day by 10am on the day of class. If there is room, Thursday students may come the same week to the Tuesday class and Tuesday students may come to the Thursday class. We still need to make arrangements so please text 661-599-2336. Please keep sick children home! Students may borrow supplies and complete missed projects at home. and arrange a make-up day. We will focus our energy on the current class project and help missed class students as time allows. Children may work independently on a project of their choice. Make up classes are not offered for no-show students whereby parents have not notified the studio and made arrangements prior to class time. Please keep our number in your phone.
  • May I stay with my child during class?
    Come in and say hello! We want to meet you and have a form signed on your first visit. This is a drop-off only class. Once class begins, parents exit the studio. Kids are so excited to surprise parents with their creation after class! This is one of the best parts of our program. Parents are welcome to wait outside or leave if preferred.
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